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Play(thing) fandom: Sandman, the Endless PG Glitches can be… - The Inn at Worlds' End

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Neil Gaiman
The First Sandman Community

August 11th, 2005

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05:01 pm
fandom: Sandman, the Endless
Glitches can be expected. It was, after all,
A toy with a Dream.
Changes can occur between first sleep and waking.
Problems spring up.

notes: Thanks very, very much to daisybones for patiently betaing my first attempt at poetry in over a year. I liked the TM in her suggested title, but eventually went with this one instead to avoid violating yet another copyright law ;)

This story borrows two other things from Gaiman, aside from the Sandman universe; first, the story-poem style of his tales Queen of Knives and Virus; second, "putting the computer to sleep" and waking it up, which is an idea from Coraline, but I thought it fit here.

All comments are appreciated.

The rest flowed easily from those


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