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The Inn at Worlds' End

Legends from the Sandman

Sandman Legends
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Anybody , Moderated
sandmanlegends is a SANDMAN fan community with emphasis on fan art and fan fiction. New members are always welcome.

The Code (more like guidelines, really)

*All fic, art, anecdotes, recs, news, and discussion are welcome. While this community is primarily for sharing fan fiction, art, and recs, every post doesn't have to be limited to those things, as long as it concerns SANDMAN and/or Neil Gaiman and the other artists and writers involved with the series. Discussion of the upcoming movie and other future SANDMAN presentations is fine, too.

*Fic and art of any rating, pairing, and style (including slash, poetry, crossover, and photography/photo manipulation) is acceptable. No specific header is required; however, please include the rating of the story/art and the pairing or a brief description outside of any cuts, so it is viewable before opening the story/viewing the art.

*Fic rated R or NC-17, non-worksafe art, and fics over 100 words must be posted behind a cut. To learn how to perform an LJ-cut, click here.

*When reccing, please include, along with the link to the story, the author’s name and the story’s rating.

*This group is modded by tea_and_snark. I won’t come after anyone unless I judge that they are acting in a manner destructive to the group; anything goes.